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“Navjeevan Upkram”

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"NAVJEEVAN UPKRAM” is our initiative in the health and Awareness sector. Over the years, we have gauged that there is a critical lack of awareness in the society when it comes to blood Donation or Eye donation. This issue is not just existent in the uneducated and unprivileged sections of the society – it extends to the literate and well-endowed sections as well.

To start with, there is a lack of transparency and coordination in this system. For example, blood donated voluntarily by citizens in good faith is sold off by some blood banks, when the recipient is in dire need or if the required blood group is a rare one. When it comes to Eye donation, many citizens fear the very concept due to lack of knowledge. One can’t take time off to visit an expert in this field (like an Ophthalmologist), just to gain more information about the whole process. Also, most citizens are unaware of the current state of facilities in these cases, and trust (or rather, the lack of it) becomes an important consideration for donation.

Navjeevan Upkram is launched to address these issues - Lack of coordination, lack of accurate information, less awareness of current state of facilities, and difficulty in accessing reputable doctors or institutions. Main objective of this project is to create awareness, remove misconception and improve the level of participation about blood donation while having a special focus on eye donation amongst the students, youth, citizen and also society.


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