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The developing India has long history of citizens’ organizations. Different organizations come together to help people in need irrespective of government’s help. “Rostrum India Social organization” (RISO) is one of the dedicated organizations working from last three years to contribute towards development of society. Team RISO works on different projects dedicated to Education, Healthcare, Environment and Women Empowerment sectors. RISO is also working to spread awareness about various social issues and topics with the support of our team members and volunteers. Below are the sector wise details. Join us in our noble cause.

Sector - Education

Project Educare

- Construct the Future..!

Although no clear data is available, estimates suggest that child migrants constitute approximately 15 million children in India. The right to education (under the Right to Education Act, [RTE] 2009) of migrant children remains compromised, since seasonal and temporary migration results in disruption of regular and continued schooling of children, adversely affecting their human capital formation and contributing to the inter-generational transmission of poverty.

There is an overlap between the academic session in schools (June–April) and the seasonal migration cycle (November–June), owing to which migrant children who are enrolled attend school only from June–November, following which they drop out or report irregular attendance. This temporary discontinuation of study subsequently results in their dropping out of school altogether. Although no clear data are available, estimates suggest that child migrants constitute approximately 15 million children in India

Main objective of this project is to give informal education to the children and bring them into the mainstream by making them aware of what is happening in the outside world. Children who perform well at our classroom, efforts are made to get them admission in a regular mainstream school as per their age group to receive formal education.

We are also planning to start night classes to educate the labors as well. Educare is not just about teaching children, it is about educating all those who wants to bring difference to their life. We are committed to provide all necessary support to help them.

School Kit Donation Drives

- We share because we Care

Team RISO conducts activities where we collect old school stationary from the society as a donation. We sort it and re- use by distributing it among the students from underprivileged section of the society.

   We conduct CSR drives in the corporate sectors, educational institutions where our team motivates people to donate used / new school stationary or materials like school bags, note books, pen, pencils, sharpeners, erasers etc. We collect the same in drop boxes and reuse it to prepare school kit for the students and distribute. Anybody can donate for this noble cause in form of goods or in cash for this activity. To know more about this activity, contact us on our contact details. Please participate in this social cause.

“Devansh Mogarekar” Special Scholarship Program

- Education For All

RRISO has decided to provide special scholarship for underprivileged students from Maharashtra. From next year we will provide special scholarship for primary and secondary education (STD 1st To 12th) up to Rs. 5000/- for each underprivileged student.

   We have started this scholarship program in the memories of Devansh Mogarekar from August 8th 2014. We will distribute the same every year on 8th August. Around 150 students can avail the benefit of this special scholarship. Student from 1st STD to 12th STD having their parents’ annual income less than 1.5 lacs are eligible to apply for this scholarship of up to Rs.5000/- for educational purpose only. We welcome if anyone wants to support us for this social cause. This scholarship will be distributed to students under project – “Educare”

Sector - Healthcare and Awareness

“Navjeevan Upkram”

- Register Now! Eye Donation/Blood Donation

"NAVJEEVAN UPKRAM” is our initiative in the health and Awareness sector. Over the years, we have gauged that there is a critical lack of awareness in the society when it comes to blood Donation or Eye donation. This issue is not just existent in the uneducated and unprivileged sections of the society – it extends to the literate and well-endowed sections as well.

To start with, there is a lack of transparency and coordination in this system. For example, blood donated voluntarily by citizens in good faith is sold off by some blood banks, when the recipient is in dire need or if the required blood group is a rare one. When it comes to Eye donation, many citizens fear the very concept due to lack of knowledge. One can’t take time off to visit an expert in this field (like an Ophthalmologist), just to gain more information about the whole process. Also, most citizens are unaware of the current state of facilities in these cases, and trust (or rather, the lack of it) becomes an important consideration for donation.

Navjeevan Upkram is launched to address these issues - Lack of coordination, lack of accurate information, less awareness of current state of facilities, and difficulty in accessing reputable doctors or institutions. Main objective of this project is to create awareness, remove misconception and improve the level of participation about blood donation while having a special focus on eye donation amongst the students, youth, citizen and also society.

Sector - Environment

Project "GreenHat"

- Save Our Mother Earth... Save Our Nation!!

Project "Green Hat", a unique initiative by Team RISO to preserve the Environment with the help of primary school students of Maharashtra state. under this project Team RISO will plant more than 5,00000 trees in Maharashtra state. /p>

Sector - Education

"RISO Library"

- Education & Literacy

Imagine a library in the village, a place where the villagers of different age groups will get the books as per interest, Children’s learn to read, and to enjoy books. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction at knowing you’ve made a difference to these people’s lives, Reading is essential for all; it helps to develop initiative, originality and character, as well as providing varied entertainment and invaluable knowledge. Reading also opens up new possibilities and instills good values, laying the foundation for a better tomorrow. Through your help and support Team RISO is working on project “RISO Library” to set up small libraries across state of Maharashtra. This is the largest rural reading initiative and will benefit almost 10, 00, 00 villagers of the age group 5 to 50 years. RISO library is not just a library it will be a free study centre for village level students. At RISO Library team will support and guide village level students to prepare for competitive exams. Through this we are working to promote reading habits and provide quality books for all. Your donation amount will help us to make this possible.

A Place where benefishries can get the access of more than 1000 books. We appeal all our supporters to donate books and magazines which we can set in our libraries.To Donate books please contact us on rostrumindia@gmail.com Or please feel free to call us on +91 8600 040 039

RISO’s Care Unit

- Our Upcoming Dream Project

A Unique shelter for abandon people like old aged, orphans, HIV positives, physically/visually challenged and mentally disabled. A shelter... Where they can stay together with the help of each-other, where they earn for themselves.

   We need your support to build this project. Hope you support us.


We need your support to support needy

Donate in Kind : Books, School Stationery,Toys,Food Grains,computer accessories, electronics etc.

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Welcome to ROSTRUM INDIA SOCIAL ORGANIZATION (RISO) | Join Team RISO as a volunteer. To Join please mail us volunteer@rostrumindia.org or call us on +91 8600 040 039 | RISO has declared "Devansh Mogarekar" Special Scholarship Program for underprivileged students from Maharashtra. To know more please contact us on projects@rostrumindia.org . | RISO’s educational project “EDUCARE” to provide quality education for the children from migrant community. | RISO has started project “Green Hat” to sensitize people towards environmental issues | RISO’s “NIRMI-TEE” project is one of the woman empowerment initiative.| "Project "AASHRAY" for street childrens - A Care center for abandon peoples.We need your support to build this project