Although no clear data is available, it is estimated that child migrants constitutes of approximately 15 million children in India. The right to education (under the Right to Education Act, [RTE] 2009) of migrant children remains compromised. Since seasonal and temporary migration results in disruption of regular and continued schooling of children, adversely affecting their human capital formation and contributing to the inter-generational transmission of poverty.

Taking goal number 4 (i.e. Quality Education) of SDGs set by UN in consideration, we at RISO are making an attempt to give basic education to the kids of migrants. Large number of dropouts from primary education is in the category of migrant labourers. Through project Educare, we at RISO were able to make these kids experience the feeling of school, which you, us, and every kid with privilege were able to experience. For this RISO has set informal units for these kids, where they are provided with basic educare. Through Educare, we also focus on reducing the number of dropouts, teacher capacity building, parental awareness, adolescent counselling, and career counselling.

The library is the stream of information, an armoury of knowledge. Library not being just a luxury asset, but a necessity for a respectful life. Pre-planned and a well-served library can play an important role in getting well informed and shaping one's present and future. Many times rural part lack in information. It is important to introduce healthcare, government schemes, financial management, employment, skill training along with literature, entertainment, history, and many more. The rural part also lack in the social, literacy and cultural aspects. We at ROSTRUM INDIA SOCIAL ORGANISATION are confident about the initiation we have taken in developing the knowledge in socially and financially backward regions through the RISO LIBRARY.

RISO library has been planned in a way that citizens from the age of five to the age of sixty will feel welcomed. Out of everything, the most important aspect of RISO LIBRARY is, it is completely free for all. Though the library is free for all and also a guidance centre, its goal is to evolve the community through the act of reading and learning. Availing the books for the library, enhancing the custom of reading, preserving the language and creating the fondness for reading has been possible through this venture. Different activities, for example, reading and writing competition, book discussion, small cultural programs, and many more, have been planned to execute for the progress.

RISO library not only deals in lending and borrowing of books but also serves as a study centre for the students of the areas nearby. For the youths preparing for the competitive exams, the RISO library will work as a motivator and guiding light. Following the Moto of "He who reads lives thousand lives" we intend to change one's attitude, outlook towards life. Our organization is working in different ways for the development of the rural area as a whole through this venture. More than 2000 books will be available for the readers. Our organization targets to develop the curiosity of at least 1000 readers approximately through every unit of RISO Library.

ROSTRUM INDIA SOCIAL ORGANISATION has planned to execute the venture of RISO LIBRARY in four taluka of Pune, namely, Bhor, Velha, Maval, Mulshi. Ten villages of these four talukas are going to get the units of RISO Library, which will benefit eight to ten thousand readers of that area as well as the areas nearby. In the future, this venture will be executed in around 350 rural areas of all over Maharashtra, which will benefit about 3, 50,000 readers .the intensity of this venture can be seen through all the above said things. Apart from this MOBILE RISO LIBRARY will be executed very soon for the areas, very small villages, so that more and more people could be reached and be benefited.You too can be a part of this project. You can donate books (mostly Marathi) for the library. You can spread the word about book donation to as many people as you can in the area you stay or where you work and start an activity.

Project Green Hat is a unique initiative by team RISO in preserving the environment by urging primary school students to participate from Maharashtra state. Through this project team RISO aims to plant 5,00000 trees in Maharashtra state.

To bring the change in society where there are many people who are neglected on the base of various reasons. RISO has come up with shelters for those who have been abandoned, like old aged, orphans, HIV positive, physically/visually challenged and specially able. This shelter is where they can form their own community, be independent, and live comfortably. Our focus is mainly on providing a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere to kids who have been the victim of farmer’s suicide case. Also we aim in providing counselling to these kids, for them to come out of that trauma and to get back on track, so that they can focus on studies and future.

To develop any community the first and the foremost important factor is breaking the awkwardness, and establishing the trust among that community. Project ADHAAR, one such initiative of RISO, aimed at connecting people through donation drives and inviting them to donate things. And not just stopping there but taking one step ahead and inviting the donors to participate in activities that are followed by sorting and then distributing among the needy.

Today everyone from everywhere is working in some way for women empowerment. Through project Nirmitee, we focus on problems women face socially.Through SHG (self help group) they are able to connect with women of their age (any age that might be 16 and above) and discuss their issues. Taking goal number 5 of SDGs (i.e Gender Equality) educating an individual about equal ease of access in terms of opportunities and resources like decision making, economic participation, etc. regardless of gender is something we focus on through this project. Other areas of issues like violence against women, financial education, how to be independent by earning for themselves and providing required guidance, and to make them aware of their rights, are taken in consideration.



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